Nikon D5 Anniversary gone from B&H, but still available elsewhere

The time is right in the year for a brand new Price Charts series to begin! I have began doing the spreadsheet work and price-checking! This will continue for this week (other things equal) and you may see an increase in deals/posts featuring the cameras that are tracked in the Price Charts as the price-checks surface different kinds of deals directly or indirectly.

If you want to re-familiarize yourself with the Price Charts series, this link shows all previous editions (going back to December 2014).

The first thing that surfaced is the Nikon D5 Anniversary edition is starting to run out. The camera is marked Discontinued and unorderable at B&H Photo but it remains in-stock at Adorama for the five of you that may interested in it 🙂 Amazon itself still has it as “not yet released” but it’s still available for $8000 by Adorama and Unique Photo thru Amazon. Paying for this with an Amazon Prime VISA or Prime Store Card gets you a 5% statement credit, which in this case it’s a pretty nice $400 amount!