Nexus Devices: Get $20 Best Buy eGift Card with any Android Pay B&M purchase at any of many participating merchants

If you have a compatible Nexus device running Android 4.4 or later, and you configure Android Pay on it, and you make a purchase with Android Pay at any participating brick and mortar store before 12/31/15, Google will add a $20 Best Buy electronic Gift Card to your Android Pay account. The offer is available for tap and pay contactless payments in-store, not for in-app or online Android Pay purchases. The $20 eGift Card will be added to your account by 1/31/16. This is an easy way to score a $20 Best Buy credit. Limit one per user. Details at Google’s. There are many chain stores accepting Android Pay, it shouldn’t be hard finding one near you. From Jamba Juice to Walgreens to McDonalds to Whole Paycheck Foods to Game Stop to Staples to Toys.R.US to Pantera Bread to grocery chains to Breadwich’s (Subway) to Macy’s.

PS: I will try this out and post updates as things develop!