Monoprice Underwater Housing for the Canon G1X for $10 + S&H

If you are a Canon G1X photographer, you may be in luck…

Monoprice has an on-going Clearance sale that includes a dedicated Camera-related page. Among the items offered there is the new condition Waterproof Camera Dive Housing For the Canon G1X for $10 plus shipping. Shipping speed options vary but the lowest price seems to be around $9 for the various zipcodes I tried.

That’s the shipping fee if you don’t buy anything else. Some other items at Monoprice qualify for free shipping, and often if you buy an item with free shipping it will drop the shipping fee of other items in the shopping cart. Monoprice works in mysterious ways 🙂

You can get a shipping and handling estimate without logging-in or creating an account. Simply add the item to the shopping cart and enter your zipcode(s) of interest. In some areas, your whole order may qualify for 1-day delivery that costs about the same as slow shipping. So do check all the options before checking out!