(ENDED) Make Your Own Photography Book Deal: $5 off $15+ coupon [updated]

This Prime Day era offer expired…

This offer is for printed books only: If you are looking to get a photography book or camera guide or any other book, you can make your own deal with coupon code PRIMEBOOKS17. It takes $5 off a purchase of $15+ in physical books, sold and shipped by Amazon itself. eBooks are not eligible. These are the Terms of the Offer which expires Thursday at 3am ET. Limit one per customer during this sale.

PS: if you took advantage of yesterday’s $25+ Gift Card offer, don’t forget to load it to your account before purchase… Not sure if the $5 promo credit of the gift card offer will be there yet, because their offer said two days after purchase. Not sure if they meant “within” or actually “in two days”. They often try to play it safe with time-sensitive promises because missing the mark means their customer service gets additional questions :)… If you took advantage of yesterday’s 40% back on a Kindle ebook offer, the credit may be automatically applied to your purchase if it’s already vested. This offer you didn’t even need to know about. If you bought a Kindle book yesterday, you likely earned a 40% store credit towards your next eligible ebook or printed book purchase. I will find out for sure when I use the PRIMEBOOKS17 coupon later today (hopefully I’ll remember before it expires ~ yes the irony of posting the blog reminder and then forgetting)…

UPDATE 8:16pm ET: I got a “Benefit Confirmation” email that is linked to the $25+ Gift Card offer. So I’m assuming the $5 promo credit of that offer should be loaded in accounts. I haven’t placed an order yet ~ I have to figure out which book(s) to get next 🙂

UPDATE 9pm ET: just tested, both promotional credits are in: the $5 promo credit (for the $25+ gift card), and the 40% Kindle eBook purchase. And they are stackable with the $5 off $15+ coupon PRIMEBOOKS17. Here’s the shopping cart:

So as you can see, a $22~ book becomes an $8 purchase 🙂