Extended Again: $5 off purchase of $15+ in Books with coupon (ends Mon 3am ET)

The current expiration date of this promotion is Monday 12/10/16 Thursday [yes, it got extended again] at 3am Eastern, so unless it gets extended again, it is last call for the coupon code GIFTBOOK that gets you $5 off purchase of $15+ in printed books at Amazon by Amazon itself. You can use this coupon even if you used the previous $10 off $25+ coupon in November (I used them both because reading is fun-da-mental!). The usual free shipping terms apply (Prime or $25+ in books or $49+ in general merchandise, physical goods sold or fulfilled by Amazon itself).

PS: some of the calendars may be eligible for this promotion as well. I can’t test them all, but you can tell by adding to cart and seeing if they get discounted. It may depend on how they are coded in their system or maybe it’s some kinds of calendars but not others, so YMMV.