KEH Weekly USED Coupon Deals: Used Nikon D80 Body for $74+, Pentax 55/1.8 Takumar M43 for $23 to $42

A new week has arrived which means another round of featured USED Weekly Sales at KEH has been added. These are eligible for 25% off with permanent coupon KEHDEALS and continue until Friday night of the same week (eg Friday 9/29/17 in this case).

This week includes:

+ USED Nikon D80 body only starting at $74~ in “BGN” condition and going up in “EX” and “EX+” conditions

+ USED Pentax 55mm F/1.8 SMC Takumar M42 Screw Mount Manual Focus Lens starting at $23 in “BGN” with some damage and going up to $42 in “EX” condition

+ also eligible for the coupon are four photo-accessories – details at the Weekly Sales at KEH

In a separate promotion, not eligible for the coupon above, KEH has an on-going overstock sale with over 400 items participating.

Also, ending by Sunday night, they have a Buy More, Save More coupon promotion ($25/$200+ or $75/$600+ or $150/$1000+)