KEH 5-Day Coupon: 25% off Overstock gear from many brands

KEH Camera is back with five day Overstock Coupon sale. Good until Sunday 3/24/19 at 11:59pm ET, coupon code OVER3A gets you 25% off on the price of the eligible and aforelinked overstock items.

You can filter the items using the various options on the left hand side of their website or browse through them the old fashion way. I spy products from Canon, Contax, Zeiss, Shiguma, Sony, Hassle-Blad, Schneider, PenTax, Waco-M, RockyNon, OlymPus and more!

As usual, Leica, NEw condition and “Used – Like New” products are not eligible. Their shopping cart is the ultimate decider on what qualifies. You can test the coupon without signup/login by adding items and coupon to le shopping carteaux…