(ENDED) KEH coupon: 15% off USED Gear, 25% off Featured Used Gear

This 40-hour coupon expired…

KEH Camera strikes again with their Pre Black Friday sale using PBF17A until Saturday 11/18/17 at 4pm ET! This coupon gets you 25% off the featured USED items you see at the aforelinked page (730+ options) or 15% off everything else USED. The 15% off everything else is pretty good, you can make your own deal! The coupon only works on USED items (KEH has some new condition items on occasion). This coupon runs for 40 hours only!

UPDATE: KEH also launched a new promotion for used purchases made today until the end of the year (12/31/17): used products in condition “BGN” (Bargain) and above, up to “LN” (Like New) get a 365-day warranty instead of the usual 180 day warranty. This happens automatically, no coupon is needed. “AS IS” items are not eligible (as it was before).

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