In-Stock Now: Sony a7r III for $3200 [updated]

Another update of the Stock Status Tracker shows the Sony a7r III body only in-stock for $3200 by Kenmore Camera on eBAY as of 12/25/17 at 6:30pm ET…

Adorama sold out as of this recheck… Original post after the break…

Samy’s sold out of their two Sony a7r III body onlies for $3200, but fear not! Adorama comes to the rescue, as of the time of writing, they show the camera as in-stock and ready to ship for its starting price of $3200! Not only that, but at the moment you also get Free OVERNIGHT shipping, so near-instant gratification is included 🙂

NOTE: there are no Christmas Day deliveries, so this will arrive after Christmas!

Keep in-mind, high-demand low-availability cameras can sell out quickly. Check their website and shopping cart for the most accurate stock situation, I can’t babysit listings on a 24×7 basis. Unfortunately I’m not IBM’s Watson, not even Cortana or Bixby 😉

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