Imported Nikon D850 w/1-YR Seller Warranty drops to $3200

I just updated the new line-up of the Stock Status Tracker (with the Fuji X-H1 added, the X100F and GH5 removed) and we have a greed price war on the imported Nikon D850 body only front. “Deals All Year” went greedy and skyrocketed their prices from $3240 to $3800, but they just got undercut by another imported, 6ave on eBay is offering the new condition imported grey market with a 1-year seller (not Nikon USA) warranty for $3200 with free shipping, with a maximum of three per customer. The new condition price at authorized Nikon USA dealers is $3300.

PS: if you need a full frame Nikon DSLR now, want the D850 but the waiting is driving you mad, there are some good deals on other refurbished Nikon DSLRs that can keep you going until/unless the D850 becomes available. You won’t lose as much money selling/trading a refurbished DSLR (or you can keep it as a backup).