Imported Canon 5D Mark IV body with 1-YR Seller W for $2550

For $2849, you can get a loaded Canon 5D Mark IV bundle after mail-in rebate, but if you don’t want to deal with mail-in rebates, and don’t need/want the printer and the battery grip, AND you are comfortable with imported cameras…

… to the eBay Deals we go, where eBay seller “6ave” (98.9%) is offering it in new condition imported-grey market with a 1-year seller warranty (not Canon USA warranty) for $2550 with free shipping.

So it’s a game of trade offs:
+ mail-in rebate and prepaid gift card
+ USA warranty VS seller warranty
+ extra Printer and Battery Grip
+ A-list seller vs eBay seller
+ higher price vs lower price
+ sell/trade extras or no wish to do that

PS: we have a relatively new tag, Full Frame Deals that marks all the cameras that have a 35mm full frame sensor, whether they are DSLRs, mirrorless, fixed lens, or floating lens cube.

PS2: “W” is short for Warranty. With this blog template, I am trying to keep blog-post-titles one line long. If it goes for more than one line, it better make use of most of the second line, otherwise it’s wasted space. Although some could argue this whole blog is wasted space 😉