(ENDED) ikling USB Card Reader (2 inputs, 2 outputs) for $8

These lightning deals expired…

Good until 11:45pm ET tonight, the ikling USB Memory Card Reader is a lightning deal for $8 minus 5% clip-on coupon (on the regular price of $10), making it $7.50 or so. This can read full-size SD and microSD cards and it can be connected to full-size USB or USB-C devices. It has two separate readers (SD, microSD) and two separate connectors (USB-A, USB-C).

Meanwhile running until 10:15pm ET the new condition G-raphy DSLR Backpack with raincover for $16 in the green color scheme, but it went as low as $10 as a big surprise the last time it was a lightning deal a few days/weeks ago [I’ve lost track of time].

Meanwhile running until 2:20am ET on Thursday, this PowerExtra Charger with two replacement batteries for the Nikon EN-EL12 goes for the very specific price of $10.39 with free shipping for Prime members or with a $25+ order…

In other Amazon action, if you are a fan of Norton [as far as I can tell Peter Norton never had a McAfee-style meltdown] a 5-license Norton Security Deluxe 1-year subscription goes for $25 either as a digital download or key card by mail.

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