Friday: refurb Apple Laptops, Surface 2 Laptop, Etc

Meanwhile of the Friday daily deals, in WootLandia there are 13 options in this big refurbished Apple laptops sale in “Computers” with prices ranging from $500 to $1540… For the sporty photographer, the main Woot has a Mizuno Wave running shoes sale going for $51 (Women’s Sky) to $63 (Men’s Shadow)…

These two names could make for a best selling romance novel title, “Women’s Sky and Men’s Shadow” 🙂

On the other side of the pond, among the loaded Friday Amazon Germany Gold Box deals you can find:

+ Surface 2 Laptop for 999 euro (13.5″ Gorilla 3, 8GB, i5-7200U, 256GB SSD, HD 620 Graf, W10 Home, four Alcantara color options)
+ Blackberry KEY2 line of smartphones for 318 euro (Lite) to 518 euro (dual SIM)
+ Toshiba and Telefunked TV sale
+ various budget tabletop lamps for DIY lighting
+ massive Marmot outdoor gear sale (12+ pages, 16 to 560 euro)