Friday: 3Pod 3WH w/QR, Glow Softboxes, Etc

Yes, Fri-YAY is here and the Adorama daily deals run until Saturday 3/18/23 at 3am ET or earlier if sold out:

+ 3Pod 3-Way Head with Quick Release for $60

+ Glow ParaPop 28″ II Portable Softbox With Bowens Mount Adapter and OTA Adapter Set for $159

+ Glow HexaPop 24″ II Octagonal Softbox with OTA Adapter Set and Bowens Mount for $159

THEN at Amazon’s Friday dailies we find 100pk of house brand K-Cups for $21 for regular and $28 for decaf. Decaf we pay more for less, but at least this is reasonable – there’s a separate process to remove most of the caffeine from the coffee!

There’s also coffee for your devices, Baseus chargers and power-banks and assorted chargealia! A total of 20 options are available…

These are the Friday-only daily deals, for the weekend action (including the B&H offers) check the next post above…