(ENDED) Friday: 10 CreativeLIVE Classes for $29 each

This offer expired…

A flash sale for today (Friday 4/14/17 ~ don’t forget your taxes!) at the CreativeLive website offers ten different classes for $29 each, including two on lighting, one landscape, and one family.

CreativeLIVE uses a different model. Each class is recorded LIVE online and everyone can watch it for FREE while it is recording LIVE. After the original live stream is over, then you have to pay to watch or rewatch it. So if you have a flexible schedule and fast-enough internet access you can watch a LOT of content for free.

For the upcoming schedule of classes and details on each class, check CreativeLive’s Free On-Air Classes page. Upcoming instructors include John Greengo, Mike Hagen, Lindsay Adler, Joey L, Jasmine Star, and more.