FREE 27″ Samsung CF398 Curved Monitor with select Samsung Notebook 9 PRO laptop purchases ($850 to $1200)

A trio of Notebook 9 PRO laptops are eligible for FREE 27″ Samsung CF398 Curved Monitor at the Samsung website. Use your browser’s search function to search for “CF398” on that page, or slowly skim and scan the info dump to find them 🙂 The three eligible laptops range from $850 to $1200. The monitor is added automatically to your shopping cart for FREE while this promotion is running. There’s no coupon, no rebate!

If you want to research the monitor, this is its product page. Do not add the monitor to the shopping cart from this page. I’m only including it for reference. If you page further down on that page, you’ll also find the PDF user manual of the monitor.

As far as I can tell, only these three models are eligible for the free monitor.