Flashpoint lighting kits on sale (4 options)

It’s all about lighting at the current iteration of the Adorama daily deals that runs until Monday 6/21/21 at 10am eastern or earlier if sold out:

+ Flashpoint eVOLV 200 Pro TTL Pocket Flash Exclusive HexaPop Kit (Godox AD200 Pro TTL Pocket Flash) for $349

+ Flashpoint XPLOR 100 Pro TTL R2 Pocket Flash Kit With Glow 24″ HexaPop and S2 Bracket (Godox AD100 Pro) for $369

+ Flashpoint XPLOR 300 Pro TTL R2 Battery-Powered Monolight With Glow 24″ HexaPop for $469

+ Flashpoint XPLOR 600 HSS TTL R2 Battery-Powered Monolight with C-Stand and Glow 38″ ParaPop – Bowens Mount (AD600 TTL) for $729

+ check the individual listings to see what’s included with each offering