First Year of Feedly PRO for $45

If you like to read a lot of online content via RSS and want a power user tool, and want to support the independent developers, Feedly PRO is having a Black Friday sale as well, you can get your first year of PRO for $45 instead of $65. After the first year, the annual fee is $65. You can also switch to month-to-month or downgrade to the free tier (losing some of the power user features), or cancel it.

Signing up is easy. Create an account, verify your email, and then it will take you to your Feedly page. From there, you will see a Black Friday offer at the top right corner. Click on that, enter credit card info, and that’s it, $45 later you are upgraded to PRO for one year.

Feedly finally has its own login system, you can sign up using an email address and password like any other website. Or login using 3rd-party services (eg Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc).

PS: I do not know when exactly the Black Friday promotion expires.

PS2: back when I was doing the “news cycle” non-stop camera news style blog, Feedly was an invaluable tool. I don’t think I would be able to do it without something like this. Which is why I am mentioning this in case some of you need a tool like this to keep up with different topics.