(ENDED) Fire Phone (Unlocked GSM) with One Year of Prime for $200

This sale ended once again, but if history repeats itself, at some point in the future, the Amazon Fire Phone will be on sale again…

If you are looking to get a GSM unlocked phone and a year of Amazon Prime (new or existing member), the 32GB Amazon Fire Phone (unlocked GSM, no contract) is on sale again for $200 at Amazon.com with a limit of five per customer.

You can use it as a Wifi-only device or as a cameraphone or with any no-contract GSM service of your choice or gift/sell/trade or experiment on it. Prime currently goes for $100, and while Amazon is experimenting with occasional discounts to lure in new members, discounts for Prime renewals are about as likely as Yeti having lunch with The Reptilians at Geno’s in Philly during rush hour 😉