(ENDED) Dell Refurbished Coupons: 50% off Laptops/Desktops $500+ (40% off $400+; 30% off $300+)

This weekend coupon expired, but new coupons usually come out on Fridays…

Another one of the Friday coupons has arrived. It is the Dell Refurbished offers running until Monday night. As usual, coupons can only be used at the Dell Refurbished website (formerly Dell Financial Services) and cannot be combined with clearance or other offers. Free ground US shipping…

+ 50% off any Laptop or Desktop priced $500 & up with Coupon code: DELL4UDEAL
+ same coupon gets you 40% off laptops/desktops priced between $400 and $499
+ same coupon gets you 30% off laptops/desktops priced between $300 and $399

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