Bag The Bags: Lowepro 220AW for $60, Phantom 2 Wheeled Hard Case for $180

The stars are not currently aligned for a bigger “Bag the Bags” round-up, but if we have a couple of specials currently in progress:

+ Lowepro Classified Sling 220 AW Bag for $60 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo
+ HPRC 2700WPHA2 Hard Case for DJI Phantom 2 Vision / Vision+ with Wheels for $180 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo
+ this blog’s version of faux-rick-rolling, the tiny AmazonBasics camera case is now down to $1.08 (limit 90; still Add-On; semi-long post on it)

Weekly Fry’s promo codes: refurb Pana ZS35 zoom for $100 (B&M only), Case Logic, Manfrotto, etc

A new week is here and Fry’s has a new round of promo code offers for email subscribers (free to join their email list) for the week of Sept 20-26 (2015). Some offers are good in-store, some online, some at both places. The default in our post is both places unless otherwise indicated. Of potential chimera and photon interest:

+ refurbished Panasonic ZS35 with card and case for $100 (in-store only; limit 1)
+ Case Logic Luminosity DSLR + tablet backpack (DSB-101-BLACK) for $50 (limit 1)
+ Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod (MKCOMPACTADV-B) for $60 (limit 1)
+ eMatic 720p Action Camera for $30 (in-store only; limit 1)
+ 28-inch UpStar 4K monitor for $250 (in-store only; limit 1)
+ 50pk Optimum DVD-R or DVD+R blank discs for $5.88 (limit 5)
+ USB to microUSB OTG cable for 99c (limit 3)
+ 20% off inks (excludes Samsung) (limit 5)
+ various tech and storage options as usual

Falling Knife Price: tiny AmazonBasics Case for $1.14

This has now become a textbook “falling knife price”, it has been steadily dripping downwards. The semi-ironic meme of 2015 of this blog, the tiny AmazonBasics Compact Camera Case is now down to $1.14 at Amazon by Amazon itself with a limit of 90 per customer. Still part of the Add-On program (must place $25+ order to purchase it regardless of Prime status)… More details on this small case on our earlier semi-long post

(SOLD OUT) Kata KT DL-GP-80 GearPack Micro Backpack for $20

This sold out again… If you missed it a couple of weeks ago, fear not – it is back! The Kata KT DL-GP-80 GearPack Micro Backpack is back in-stock for $20, sold by Roberts LP with the order fulfilled by Amazon, so Prime members get free shipping. Non-Prime members get free shipping with a $35+ order.

Meanwhile if you are planning a $25+ order at Amazon, this tiny AmazonBasics camera bag is now down to $1.20 (was $1.26) each (limit 90). Four of these and the Kata above get you to $25+.

Vanguard 263AB-100 Tripod with SBH-100 QR Ballhead for $150 after $50 MIR

We start a tripod mini series. First up, if you are not afraid of mail-in rebates, the Vanguard 263AB-100 3-Section Aluminum Alloy Alta Pro 263-AT Tripod Legs with SBH-100 QR Ballhead is on sale for $150 after a $50 mail-in rebate and with free expedited shipping at Adorama. The PDF rebate form is right there on the product page.

Manfrotto MKBFRA4-BHC BeFree Tripod for $179

The Manfrotto MKBFRA4-BHC BeFree travel tripod is currently on sale for $179 with free shipping in new condition by or if you have Amazon gift cards to spend, by OneCall upon Amazon.

On the other hand, if you are comfortable with open-box purchases, you can get it for $170 with free shipping by Focus Camera on eBay (five units left as of the time of writing) [don’t forget the limited time 5X eBay Bucks offer if you are eligible for that].

Manfrotto Bella Shoulder Bag: $10 to $15 (shipping depends)

They spell it with one “l”, so it’s probably not a Bela Lugosi homage, but let’s get back on track before this runs out of control completely. There are various sales of the Manfrotto Bella shoulder bags. Prices and shipping are intertwined in these, so it depends which one may work better for you. Here we geaux:

+ Manfrotto Bella II charcoal/brown (they call the color “bungee cord”) for $10 + shipping at B&H Photo
+ free shipping if your order total is $49+ – save it for future purchase or get five of these to get free shippings

+ Manfortto Bella II black for $13 with free shipping for Prime members at (seller is Roberts LP, fulfilled by Amazon herself, limit 30)
+ non-Prime members free shipping with $35+ order (which you get to if buy three of these)
+ speaking of Amazon, if you are not tired of Tom Cruise scifi movies, the BluRay+DVD set of “Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow” is on sale for $10 (limit 3)

+ Manfrotto Bella III (because there’s always a newer model) charcoal/brown for $15 with free shipping at B&H Photo
+ same price but shipping is extra in Deep Purple

+ NOTE: B&H will begin accepting orders again on Tuesday at 5:30pm Eastern

8-slot EBL 808 battery charger for $10

And now something for fans of battery charging. The EBL 808 is an 8-slot charger that has been superceded by a newer 12-slot charger ($30), which triggered further discounting on the 8-slot charger, currently going for $10, sold by a 3rd-party seller, with the order fulfilled by Amazon so it is eligible for Prime shipping. There are over 2000 customer reviews but it is pooling multiple products. To see the reviews of only this product, check this filtered review list (over 1500 of them).

If you are planning to buy other items from the same seller, look at the various coupons in the “Special Offers and Product Promotions” further down the product listing page.

In-stock nao: Lowepro DroneGuard bags for DJI, Parrot, GoPro, etc

Lowepro has a new line of DroneGuard cases and backpacks that as their name suggests, are designed for drones/quadcopters in mind. They have specific models for DJI, Parrot, GoPros and more. All six models are in-stock and ready to ship from Adorama, with prices ranging from $30 to $150. All but the $30 model get free shipping.

Weekly Fry’s Promo codes: 70″ Sunpak Tripod for $30, etc

On Sundays, Fry’s has new weekly promo code deals, running from Sunday AM until the close of business on Saturday PM of the same week. So, for the week of September 13-19 (2015) [forgot the link in OP], using the custom promo codes found in individual email subscriber emails, you can get the following – of potential chimera and photon interest:

+ 4pk Tenergy single-use AA batteries for 40c (limit 5)
+ 70-inch Sunpak Ultra 7000TM Tripod/Monopod for $30 (limit 1)
+ Canon Gadget Bag 2400 for $40 (limit 1)
+ various Samsung SSDs
+ end by Sat 9/19/15 or earlier if sold out

Case Logic TBC-302 camera case for $3.19 w/free s&h for all {limit 3}

To average down the four figure prices of the all-new Zeiss Milvus lenses, we have the return of the “$5 Gadget”. For $3.19 with free shipping for all, you can get the black Case Logic TBC-302 camera case, sold and shipped by Amazon itself in frustration-free packaging (typically ships in sturdy cardboard box which you can re-use for other projects). You don’t have to be a Prime member to get free shipping on this one. Limit three per customer. Only this color scheme is on sale.

In yet another twist of the Amazon free shipping labyrinth, this is not eligible for Prime shipping benefits, even though it is sold and shipped by Amazon, and it ships for FREE. And it is not part of the Add-On program. Amazon needs to maintain a live flowchart to help us keep track of the various free shipping twists 🙂

Eagled-eyed readers may have noticed a familiarity with the case. Indeed, it looks very very similar to the previously mentioned AmazonBasics tiny case, which is now down to $1.80. This is part of the Add-On program, so you must place a $25+ order to buy it (regardless of Prime status). I don’t have the Case Logic version, but I have the AmazonBasics case, and it is very small (eg for small/thin P&S digital cameras; see earlier long post). At this rate, I will soon be launching the brand new “$5 Camera Case blog” 🙂

(ENDED) Friday Lightning Deals: Rokinon 12/f2 (E-mount), Drift Action, Lightdow, Manfrotto, BogGear, etc

These lighting deals expired… For future ones in the future, check the Amazon Gold Box and Camera & Photo page

Continue reading “(ENDED) Friday Lightning Deals: Rokinon 12/f2 (E-mount), Drift Action, Lightdow, Manfrotto, BogGear, etc”

Tue Fry’s Promo Codes: Epson XP420 for $45, etc

The Fry’s promo code offers for Tuesday 9/8/15 including the following:

+ Epson XP-420 small AiO inkjet printer for $45 (limit 1)
+ Bower tablet top tripod (max height 10 inches) for $4 (limit 1)
+ Polaroid waterproof P&S digital camera for $40 (limit 1)
+ 200pk brown basket coffee filters for 99c (limit 1; it’s lighting accessory too!)
+ Adobe Photoshop or Premiere Elements 13 for $55 each (limit 1 of each; in-store only)
+ 12oz hot coffee for $1 – yes, $1 coffee in 2015! – it should go without saying, in-store only 🙂

Buy MeFoto Tripod, Get future $50 credit towards Camera/Lens purchase

On the two step front, there is a two part promotion at Amazon.

Step #1: Purchase a MeFoto tripod from a list of 28 options, sold and shipped by Amazon herself (not 3rd-party sellers). The lowest priced ones as of the time of writing are $150.

Step #2: 30 days after your item ships (not 30 days after you place an order), you will receive an email from Amazon that a $50 promotional credit has been added to your account. Details will be included in that email. The $50 credit can be used towards the purchase of cameras or lenses. You have one year to redeem this $50 promotional credit.

Offer ends 9/30/15.

Fry’s Weekly Promo Codes: Tripod, Bag, Printer, SDXC, storage, etc

The new Fry’s has aligned their weekly ads with the retail store standard (Sunday AM to Saturday PM), so the Sunday email promo codes include the weekly offers. In this case, these are good until Saturday 9/12/15 PM or earlier if sold out. Of potential chimera and photon interest:

+ Case Logic KDB-101BK Konstrast Pro DSLR backpack for $60 (limit 1)
+ Canon MG-6220 AiO Photo printer for $65 (limit 1)
+ various storage options (flash drives, HDDs, SSDs, DVD-Rs, etc)
+ Vanguard ALTA PRO 263AB 100 Tripod for $130 (limit 1; in-store only)
+ 32GB Monster C10 UHS-1 SDXC for $9 (limit 2; in-store only)
+ 7-inch Starlight digi photo frame for $15 (limit 1; in-store only)
+ 27 Blu-Ray movies for 90c each (limit 1 each; in-store only) – includes various nature/parks BluRays (Everglades, Badlands, Yosemite, Glacier, Smoky, Acadia)
+ must use the personal promo code found in your email subscription newsletters from Fry’s
+ expire by 9/12/15 or earlier for any that may sell out

Bag The Bags: Pelican, Tamrac, Think Tank, etc

And now another round-up of some of the latest camera bag specials (with free shipping unless otherwise indicated):

+ Tamrac 3380 Aero 80 Photo/Laptop Backpack for $50 at B&H Photo
+ Pelican Case sale at B&H (16 options, $63 to $422)
+ Think Tank Photo Retrospective 7 Shoulder Bag for $110 at B&H
+ Think Tank Photo Urban Disguise 70 V2.0 (Black) for $130 at B&H Photo
+ Crumpler Million Dollar (three options, $70 to $120) at B&H Photo
+ AmazonBasics Compact Camera Case for $1.75 (limit 90; Add-On Program; free shipping with $25+ order (Prime) or $35+ order (non-Prime) by Amazon itself
+ Pelican S140 Sport Elite Tablet Backpack for $50 by Adorama upon eBay (this is also a camera bag – see picture #7)

$150 Mail-In Rebate on Gitzo Tripods (17 options)

If you are fond of Gitzo tripods and not vehemently opposed to mail-in rebates, their mail-in rebate promotion is good until 9/30/15, offering $150 mail-in rebates on eligible Gitzo tripods. A total of 17 items are participating at Adorama, with prices ranging from $680 to $1450 (after the $150 MIR is factored in). Details on the promotion with the Rebate PDF file where we learn this is a limit two offer during the promotional period.

Tue Fry’s with Promo Codes: Cyberlink PhotoDirector 6 Ultra for $40

Among the Tuesday 9/1/15 Fry’s personal email promo code offers, you can get the Cyberlink PhotoDirector 6 Ultra software for $40, limit one, in-store or at their website (free S&H with a $34+ order)… Meanwhile, in-store only, 4-packs of Tenergy AA or AAA NiMH rechargables go for $3 each (limit 4).