Canon 77D body only drops to $850 with Free Accessories

More things uncovered while updating the Stock Status Tracker, the Canon 77D body only has now dropped from $900 to $850, AND it is getting its first bundle of FREE accessories at Adorama: Corel software bundle, 16GB SD card, 24×7 Traffic Collection camera bag, Bower 20 memory card wallet, and the obligatory trinkets, card reader and cleaning kit.

The other two kits have also dropped in price, the w/18-55 is $1000 with free accessories (you are paying +$150 for the 18-55 lens) while the with 18-135mm kit dropped to $1250 but no free accessories (you are paying $400 more to get the 18-135 lens).

Needless to say, there are plenty of Canon APS-C options out there, especially if you factor in the refurbished ones as well, so there are plenty of choices and choice-headaches 🙂