(ENDED) Three Magazines for $12 Total per year (three photography options available)

This sale ended…

Pop Photo and American Photo are unfortunately gone, but Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo and Digital Photo PRO remain, and they are included in the Weekend Sale at Discounts Mags. The theme is three magazines for $12 total per year. You have to buy a minimum of three. You can optionally add two more for $4 per magazine per year. Given that “Digital Photo PRO” typically goes for $7+ per year in these sales, this is a good opportunity. They also have the usual “six degrees of (photographic) separation” magazines with fashion, sports, nature, outdoors, tech, style, etc.

The usual terms apply, these are printed magazines delivered physically to USA addresses. You can select one or two or three years for the bundle. It is good for renewals or new subscriptions or gift subscriptions. Gift subscription is on the whole bundle, so you have to place separate orders. Renewals and new subscriptions can be adjusted individually per magazine. They do not auto-renew, you have to manually renew them, so no sticker-shock renewal surprises. Offer ends Monday night as usual.