Budget-o-Palooza: Meike 7D Mk2 Grip for $25, MegaGear Straps, Coupon-cheap Lighting cable, Etc

In this post, I round up various random budget-priority products that I just can’t create individual blog-posts for 🙂

We start with Canon 7D Mark II photographers, $25 is what it takes to grip (yes, pun intended, do not ignore the low hanging fruit puns!) this Meike MK-7D2 Battery Grip that replaces the Canon BG-E16. Batteries not included!

Straps and bags and such from the MegaGEAR brand with shoulder straps starting at $6, leather at $11, and such.

A seemingly random selection of Tiffen lens filters is on sale, starting with the metal 43-49 Step-UP Ring going for $7. If only Frodo knew you could get Step-UP rings 😉

Neewer is not the only game in town when it comes to budget Amazon-ian studio/lighting type of accessories, in this sale, there are 30 options of UBeeSIZE products. You can be the photo-hipster at the Thrifty Photographers Club that keeps irritating everyone by telling them “I was using these before they were cool” 😉

Not sure if this is a Black Friday sale, or the impending European Union Lightning Cable Death Sentence that is causing this, but coupon code BUYCABLE ges you $3 off these AmazonBasics brand Lightning Cables at Woot. Various sizes and colors, prices range from $4 to $8 before coupon. Prime members get free shipping, so that is mayhaps what encouraged this offer to become the #2 best seller at the Woot Charts