Ape Case Lens Case (ACPROLC14) for $24 w/free S&H [and more sizes]

There are over 250 items in the Adorama Bags sale. Let’s now focus on Lens Cases, because lenses need bags too 🙂


The Ape Case Lens Case (ACPROLC14) is currently on sale for $24 with free shipping at Adorama. No minimum purchase amount required, you get free shipping by buying this bag. This is the standard size. If you are a Prime member, you can get it for the same price with free 2-day shipping from Amazon.


Next up we move to the Ape Case Professional Medium Lens Case, model ACPROLC16. You can get it for $25 plus mandatory shipping (starts at $3.75) at Adorama. I don’t know if VIP members can get it with free shipping. With shipping added, the price is the same as Amazon, so you have options.


Last but not least, it’s the Ape Case ACPROLC18 Large Lens Case. You have even more options here. If you are willing to pick it up from a B&M store, or you are planning a $35+ order, you can get it for $30 by Walmart itself.

If you have Staples gift cards or coupons or rewards to use, you can get it for $34 with free store pickup at Staples. I’m not sure what the free shipping terms are now that they changed up their rewards program.

Or if you can get it for $35 with free shipping from B&H Photo and also by Amazon itself. Prime members get it faster with free 2-day shipping.


Speaking of Amazon, good until 9pm ET as a lightning deal you can get this beginner’s Matcha Gift Set with 1 oz Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder for $11.90 with free 2-day Prime shipping. The matcha is from China, not Japan. Includes handmade bowl, AA-powered whisk, and bamboo spoon.