8pk Eneloop AA (2000mah rechargeables) for $15 after $8 MIR {limit 4}

If you are willing to jump through hoops for Eneloops, Adorama has a limited time mail-in rebate (MIR) promotion. You can get this 8pk of AA Eneloop (2000mah) rechargeables for $18 after a $8 MIR. They also offer this 8pk of AAA Eneloop (800mah) rechargeables for $10 after a $8 MIR. The MIR is a prepaid American Express Gift Card, not cash. This is the PDF rebate form. The offer is specifically for Adorama, you cannot use it for other retailers. The fineprint at the bottom of the form says limit four per SKU, with a maximum of eight (up to four AA and up to four AAA) per customer. The rebate offers ends 7/6/15.