30 Classes under $29 at Creative LIVE

Learning something new or learning more on a favorite subject is one way to drown out the Black Friday madness. Running now at CreativeLIVE is a sale of 30 classes under $30, with prices ranging from $15 to $29. At the $29 price tier, they have a “Food Photography” class (lessons #5 is free to stream), “Anatomy of a Photoshoot” (Mark Wallce), “Photography 101” (Erin Manning), “Nature and Landscape Photography” (John Greengo, the gear guy who does most of the “Fast Start” camera classes), “Speedlight Photography Basics”, etc. At the $19 tier, there’s a wine tasting class (wine NOT included).

You can also watch as many and as much of the “free to stream” classes as shown at their ON-AIR schedule page. This was an innovative way for Creative LIVE to set up their business, a freemium model that works for all parties involved.

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