256GB PNY Elite SDHC card for $70 after two mail-in rebates

This promotion requires the submission of TWO mail-in rebates. If you haven’t ejected after reading the previous sentence, Tigerdirect is offering the 256GB PNY Elite Performance SDHC memory card for $70 after two mail-in rebates. This is sold along with McAfee’s Multi-Access Security Software as a bundle. The McAfee is a separate box, it’s not on the memory card. You have a $10 MIR for the memory card and a $60 on the McAfee software. So what’s happening is McAfee is subsidizing this deal…

The card goes for $100 after the $10 MIR on its own at Tigerdirect and $110 at Amazon.

Funny how once upon a time we were agonizing over 64MB Smartmedia cards and 2GB vs 4GB SDHC cards. Now we have 256GB cards! On the other hand, talk about a photography disaster if you fill it up with 256GB of photos and it dies on you. Yes, I am a Debbie Downer 🙂