25% off Prepaid Kindle Unlimited Subscriptions (includes some Camera and Photo ebooks)

If you like to read a lot of ebooks, for a limited time during the Valentine shopping season, Amazon has a 25% off discount on Prepaid Kindle Unlimited (KU) subscriptions. With this prepaid promotion, you get 6 months for $45, or 12 months for $90, or 24 months for $180. The price will be discounted automatically in the shopping cart when you reach the Checkout page (top right corner will have the 25% off discount factored in). You can delete it from the shopping cart if you just want to check the price. With the discount, it comes out to $7.50 per month with the prepaid options.

There are a handful of Camera and Photo ebooks that are part of KU. This list was created in October 2014 (at the main blog) so you can get a feel for it. Please keep in mind that new books have been added since then, and some may have been removed since that list was posted. Many of the camera and photo books have pictures and diagrams and menus, so bigger screens (PCs, laptops, tablets, big smartphones) are better suited than black and white e-ink readers. In addition to photo-related ebooks, if you like to read a lot of fiction and non-fiction, especially from non-major publishers, this is a good way to go through a lot of books – whether you do the prepaid or month to month subscription.

Kindle Unlimited is typically a $10/mo month-to-month no-contract service (like Netflix but for ebooks). Just like Netflix, only a percentage of all available ebooks are participating, mostly non-major publishers and self-published authors. You can checkout up to ten ebooks at any time. You can borrow each book for as little or as long as you like while a paying subscriber. You do not own any of these ebooks. You can switch books as many times as you like during a month, but you can only have ten ebooks out at any given time (think of it like a brick and mortar library system). Some audiobooks are also included in Kindle Unlimited (through seamless transition to Audible) .

In parallel, Amazon has a sale of their own Fire Tablets and eBook Readers.