20% off tech ebooks include some camera-related (DRM-free)

Aptly named e-book seller eBooks.com has a coupon promotion for April 2016, use coupon code Categorysalecp at the payment details page to get 20% off the price of books in select categories (computing, business, etc). A few photography related books are in this category as well. To see which ones are available search for your item of interest (eg Photoshop, DSLR, GIMP, etc) using the second lower search bar under “Computer Science” in the Computing category page. If you use the main search bar, you have to enter the category ID in the search box, eg type something like “photoshop SubjectID:2239” or “DSLR SubjectID:2239”. These are DRM-free e-books and are available to download in ePUB and PDF formats and/or read online.

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