(ENDED) 20% off select items on eBay (priced $25+; max discount $50)

This coupon promotion expired…

eBay is back with another coupon! Coupon code P20FINDYOURTECH gets you 20% off select technology products. The minimum item price must be $25, and the maximum discount you can get per item from this coupon is $50. In other words, items priced $250 or higher get a flat $50 discount. Items between $25 and $250 get 20% off coupon.

Only the 26 sellers shown there are eligible, but it includes Beach Camera, the official DJI store, Ritz Cameras, All 4 Cellular (A4C) and more!

There are over 4000 products in the Camera and Drones categories or if you drill further down by sub-category, you will find:

+ 950+ digital cameras
+ nearly 800 Lenses and Accessories
+ nearly 300 in Drones and such
+ almost 200 Film Cameras and Accessories
+ 100+ Studio and Lightning items
+ 90+ Flashes and Accessories
+ the number counts are as of posting time, they will likely be dropping as time goes by

Be sure to check the condition of each product, as eBay offers a mix of new condition, imported/grey-market, open-box, used, seller refurbished, manufacturer refurbished, and even other “in-between” conditions.

The coupon promotion ends May 18 (2017) at the end of day.