10% off first-time customers at Woot with coupon

Sometimes it pays to go through those Valpak coupons in the light blue envelope that come along with the Weekly Grocery Ad mail spam ads. There is a coupon from Woot, coupon code VALPAK2 gets you 10% off your first order at Woot. The coupon expires 1/31/17. Restrictions apply.

You can see all the terms and conditions at this url: http://www.woot.com/537.r (there is a dot before the “r”). NOTE: this redirects to a Cloudfront.net page and opens a PDF file; I am not putting a “live link” so people don’t get spooked by clicking on it and then all of sudden finding a Cloudfront PDF file in their browser tabs. Limit one per customer. This is only good for first-time customers there.