Zeiss Touit (Fuji X) 12mm f2.8 and 32mm f1.8 and 50mm f2.8 and Extras for $1318 after $700 MIR (Gift Card)

Twit? Tweet? Touit? We’ll stick with Touit in this post, where a $700 mail-in rebate (prepaid gift card) makes the Zeiss Touit 3-Prime Fuji X bundle a $1318 after MIR offer. You pay $2018 at checkout. The rebate offer runs March 7 until June 30 in 2016. The three lenses are the 12mm f2.8, 32mm f1.8, and 50mm f2.8. Adorama also includes three lens filters, three lenscap leashes and three cleaning kits. Note however that the kit is currently in “temporarily on backorder”.