YMMV (AMEX Offers): Spend $250+ at Adorama, Get $25 Statement Credit

If you have an American Express credit card, run to your account and look under the “Amex Offers and Benefits” section. You may be eligible for an offer to spend $250+ at Adorama, and receive a $25 statement credit on your American Express credit card. You have to pay with the credit card you register for this promotion. All you have to do is click the “Add to Card” button to add the offer to your AMEX account.

IMPORTANT: the promotion runs until 2/27/17 after you add the offer to your AMEX credit card. However, it is best to add it to your AMEX account as soon as possible, because AMEX often has a limited number of promotions available, and once that preset limit is reached, new people may not be able to “Add to Card”. However, once you “Add to Card” you have until 2/27/17 to use it – it won’t disappear after you press “Add to Card”.

See larger version of the screenshot below…

CAUTION: if you have multiple AMEX credit cards on the same AMEX login account, make sure you are looking at the correct credit card and activating the offer on the correct card. You have to pay with the exact credit card you activated the offer on, otherwise you won’t get the bonus.

AMEX is usually pretty good at sending email confirmations once you make a qualifying purchase that will get you the statement credit bonus.

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