YMMV 6% eBay Bucks without Minimum Purchase Limit (Must OPT-IN)

If you are an eBay Bucks rewards member, check your emails or eBay Inboxes. A new offer has rolled out today that gets you 6% eBay Bucks (the standard amount is 2%) on your purchases. This time around there is no minimum purchase amount, so whether you get a $4 trinket or a $600 lens, you get 6% rewards on them. The usual categories/restrictions apply. This is by invitation only, and you MUST OPT-IN the offer by clicking on the relevant link in the eBay email. This offer ends on Jun 29, 2016 11:59 PM PDT.

If you are looking for shopping ideas, there’s the eBay Deals page or if that is too long and winding and browser-crashing, there’s the Top 100 Trending Deals page as well.