YI M1 with 12-40 and 42.5/.18 for $349 [m43]

The YI 42.5mm f1.8 macro lens for $100 offer expired, but there is a new discount on the YI M1 two lens kit (with 12-40, 42.5mm f1.8) dropping from $379 to $350 in the black or silver color schemes. This is not a lightning deal. If you don’t need it immediately, since YI is a frequent participant in the Gold Box Lightning Deals, it may show up there at some point(s) during this Holiday shopping season. This is only speculation, I have no way of knowing either way ahead of time.

PS: but that’s not all, there are many Micro Four Thirds sales and more when Olympus unveils their Outlet store specials. As of the time of writing all the refurbished products are gone. Maybe they are saving them for Cyber Monday?