(ENDED) Weekend Coupon: 10% off Lifetime Services by Stacksocial

This weekend sale expired…

And we are back with another round, but be advised, I just installed a brand new keyboard that has some of the blog-writing related buttons at different spots, so the chances of both typos and HTML errors are slightly elevated in the near term. In the long term though this should decrease errors overall, since it is one of a few keyboards that has Home/End at the top of the middle-column pile and has good overall blog-related key location/formation (the Logitech MK320 in case you were curious).

Good for the weekend, Stacksocial has coupon code LIFETIME that gets you 10% off the current prices of Lifetime Subscription Offers. Among the services offered as various cloud storage/backup services, various VPNs, WordPress Themes, various technical education courses,