Wedn FREE to Watch (starts 12pm ET): “Understanding Light”, “Color Fundamentals”, Etc

The new round of free-to-watch classes at CreativeLIVE begin at 12pm eastern every day. According to the CREATIVELIVE ON-AIR schedule, among the classes streaming today (Wedn 1/10/18) is “Understanding Light” with Mark Wallace, and “Color Fundamentals” with Mary Jane Begin, and the Chase Jarvis Show LIVE.

Coming in the next few days:

+ JAN-11: “Speedlight Photography Basics” and “File Formats”
+ JAN-12: “how to shoot with your first flash”
+ JAN-13: “Composition Basics”
+ JAN-14: “Fundamentals for Great Prints”
+ JAN-15: “Posing 101” and “Writing Week”
+ and many more, see them all at the CREATIVELIVE ON-AIR schedule