Used Lens Filters: $1.79 to $3.89 (Xit, Tiffen, Vivitar 1+10, Firecrest)

More used action as we round-up some of the lens filters found in the Bargain Bin of the Amazon Warehouse Deals:

+ USED Xit XT95CPL 95mm Lens Polarizing Filter for $1.79

+ USED Firecrest 67mm Superslim stackable multicoated UV MC Filter for $3.75

+ USED Tiffen 52mm Linear Polarizer for $3.89

+ USED Tiffen 52mm 80B Filter for $2.57
+ or NEW condition for $5.12 with free shipping by Willoughby’s (not Prime eligible)

+ USED Vivitar Series 1 +10 Digital Macro Lens (82mm) for $3.55

+ free shipping for Prime members or with a $25+ order
+ it doesn’t look like any of them are Add-On items ~ the Add-On algorithm works in mysterious ways 🙂