Used Gear RoundUp: Fotodiox Mount Adapters, Nikon 1 Body Case, Lumix Marine, Etc

This begins a block of 14 USED back to back posts. If you are not interested in used, page down further down and down to skip them. All these surfaced while going through the latest additions to the Amazon Warehouse Bargain Bin, a clearance sale of the various used products sold through Warehouse Deals.

All the ones mentioned here are sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals itself. However, Amazon’s listings are open to almost everyone who wants to sell, so when looking at individual listings, make sure you pay attention to who the actual seller(s) are!

And now a mini roundup of even more things from the latest additions to the Warehouse Deals Bargain BIN sale. I am grouping things together to save up on posts, we already have over a dozen of them back to back today 🙂

I already mentioned some of the Fotodiox lens mount adpaters, but they are not all, there’s more Fotodiox Bargain Bin action, here’s a few more of them:

+ USED Like New condition Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter (Leica R Lenses to Olympus Four Thirds DSLRs for $5

+ USED Good condition Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Shift Adapter (Leica R SLR Lenses to Fuji X-Series cameras) for $21

+ USED Very Good condition Pixco Mount Adapter (Pentax PK lenses to Minolta MA Cameras) for $9
+ the product name is confusing – check description if you are not familiar with this

+ USED Very Good condition Nikon CB-N2000 Black Leather Body Case for 1-System cameras for $8~

+ USED Very Good condition Panasonic LUMIX DMW-MCFX40 Marine Case for $89

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