Used Fuji X-T20 w/16-50 for $857, Open Box for $899

The used Fuji X-T20 body only starts at $769, but if you prefer a “take pictures with” kit, then to the Fuji X-T20 with 16-50mm kit we go. This goes for $1000 in new condition at authorized dealers, but if you prefer used, as of the time of writing, these are the options:

+ “USED – Very Good” for $857~ by Amazon Warehouse Deals

+ “USED – Like New” Open-Box for $899 by OneCall thru Amazon or OneCall directly

PS: a Fast Start Fuji X-T20 CreativeLIVE online class will begin live-streaming, free-to-watch starting at 4pm ET today (Friday 8/11/17).