Used Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapters: T2 to 43 for $4, Yashi to Nik-F for $8, FX35 to EF-M for $11

In this post we group a trio of Fotodiox lens mount adapters, with free 2-day shipping for Prime members, or with a $25+ order through Amazon Warehouse Deals as follows:

+ T-Mount (T / T-2) Screw Mount SLR Lens to Olympus 4/3 for $3.79

+ Yashica 230 AF SLR Lens to Nikon F Mount Body with Built-In Aperture Control Dial for $8.36

+ Fuji Fujica X-Mount 35mm (FX35) SLR Lens to Canon EOS M (EF-M Mount) for $11.31