(ENDED) Ends Sun 11:59pm ET: Two Magazines for $9 total (includes Digital Photo Pro, Pop Photo, etc)

This weekend offer ended…


DiscountMags has another twist on their Weekend Sale. You pick any two of the 100+ eligible magazines and pay $9 total per year for both of them. Eligible magazines include Digital Photo Pro (which rarely goes that low), Popular Photography, Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo, Videomaker, etc. If you need more than two, you can add up to three additional magazines for $4 per magazine per year.

The Photography magazines are towards the bottom of the page, or you can jump to them directly using the “More” option, rightmost side on the grey navigation bar up top. Or use your browser’s in-page search option to search for “photo” at the promotinal page.

You can sign up for one or two or three years for the whole bundle. You can’t adjust the duration by magazine, however, you can adjust New Subscription vs Renewal per individual magazine. The offer is good for new magazines or renewals, but not good for gift subscription.

Strategically, this is a good idea for magazines that rarely go for $5 or less per year, such as Digital Photo Pro.

These are printed magazines, delivered by postal mail to US addressed. These don’t renew unless you renew them yourself (no auto-renewals). Offer ends on Sunday at 11:59pm ET.