(ENDED) Two magazines for $10 per year (additional for $4/each)

This weekend sale ended but there are typically new specials every weekend..

This Weekend Sale at DiscountMags has a twist. You pay $10 for two magazine subscriptions. Then optionally you can add three more for $4 per each additional magazine, for a maximum of five magazines for $22 total. The duration is for the whole bundle (1 or 2 or 3 years) but you can individually adjust each magazine as a new subscription or a renewal (a few magazines such as American Photo are not eligible for renewals). Photography wise, there are four options, Pop Photo, American Photo, Digital Photo and Outdoor Photographer along with Videomaker and HD Video Pro. A variety of other six degrees of photo-separation magazines are included such as outdoors, fashion, tech, sports, etc. USA addresses, no auto-renewals. Offer ends Sunday at 11:59pm ET.