(ENDED) Two $5 off PrimeNOW sequential coupons

This offer ended….

Amazon’s PrimeNOW carries only a subset of their inventory, so you are probably not going to find a tilt-shift lens there, but you can find popular items and things like memory cards, hard disks, etc. Inventory varies both by your location (different warehouses have different inventory) and also depends on when you check (since PrimeNow is near-instant delivery, it will only allow you to buy what can be delivered quickly). Only Prime members are able to use this service.

With that out of the way, they have a two-step of $5 off PrimeNOW purchases. You use coupon code 5OFFNOW to get $5 off your current PrimeNOW purchase. Then next week (at/by December 2), you will receive an email coupon code from Amazon with another $5 off promo code. Use that code to get $5 off a future PrimeNOW purchase until 12/31/16. The first promo code PRIMENOW must be used by 11/28/16 in order to trigger the second one. Terms and conditions at the bottom of that page.

If you are not a PRIME member (or maybe if you haven’t placed a PrimeNOW order before as a Prime member) you may see a different promotion. The first coupon is $15 off instead of $5 off. But you have to join Prime to use it. I don’t know if everyone sees that. I only have one non-Prime test account and one Prime account, so I can’t test all possible scenarios or make generalizations based on two accounts 🙂 It’s not the scientific couponing method 🙂