Tuesday: Two 32GB Sandisk Ultra microSD cards for $7 [Prime] or $12

Amazon’s “Prime Day” [which is really “Prime Month” ~ sprawling like the Black Friday and Christmas holiday sales do] expands to Woot as well, where one of their Tuesday 7/9/19 deals of the day is the 2-pack of 32GB Sandisk Ultra microSD cards (UHS-I, C10, adapter) going for $12 per 2-pack…

BUT if you are a Prime member and your Woot account is connected to your Amazon Prime account (a one-time thing), then the price will automatically drop to $7 in the shopping cart. Not bad for $3.50 for a 32GB name-brand microSD card 🙂

The offer is limited one 2-pack per customer. Per the listing, the cards get a 90-day Woot warranty. Not sure why there’s no Sandisk warranty. Mayhaps it’s the price or Amazon sourced them from elsewhere in order to offer them at this low price?