Tuesday (EU): lots of tech/electronics at Amazon.de

If you are in the EU or you can favorably shop from there, Amazon Germany is running an “End of Summer sale” for this week at the Gold Box (ange bote in German) and there are plenty of tech and electronics today:

+ various Huion graphics tablets from 51 to 509 euro (13 options)

+ 1TB LACie USB 3.0 external SSD 2.5″ for 56 euro
+ 4TB Samsung QVO SSD internal SSD for 419 eurodollars ~ or euro in short 😉

+ Samsung Galaxy M20 and Watch Active smartwatches

+ tablets from Huawei, Samsung and Lenova (8 options, 119 to 249, no flagships here)
+ various Amazon devices on sale (25e Fire TV stick, Echo Show whatever, etc)
+ HiSense 4K UltraHD televions

+ Logitech and JellyComb keyboards and mice
+ NOTE that most of the keyboards are Germany style QWERTZ

+ Anycubic 3D printers (3 options, plus 3 options of goo [okay, resin])

+ Varta single-use batteries
+ Anker powerbanks (14 to 43 euro)

+ various Kabeldirekt cables (very well reviewed cables)

+ also lots of kitchen and household and fashion/beauty products on sale