$15 photography classes at Udemy [also: some FREE] {updated}

UPDATE 11/1/17: the price is now $15 instead of $12 per class…

Good until tonight (Tuesday 10/31/17), Udemy has a $12 online class sale which includes a number of photography classes. There is no coupon code to enter, the sale is factored into their website. Use the search box over there to search for topics of interest, eg “photography” or “lightroom” or anything else you are interested in.

Each class’s individual listing has a box below the price that lists the length of the class along with the terms and access. Udemy classes can be viewed with a desktop web browser, a mobile web browser, iOS and Google Play apps, along with Apple TV (only watch/listen; the other features don’t work on Apple TV).

If you are not familiar with them, you can get a feel of the website, the apps and how the courses work by getting some of the free courses. This includes an 8-hour “Learn Photoshop from Scratch” class by Eduonix Learning Solutions available for FREE.

Also FREE is a 4.5-hour “Photoshop In-Depth: Master all of Photoshop’s Tools Easily” online class by Chad Neuman, Ph.D.