(ENDED) Sandisk Storage Sale: 32GB Extreme SD for $15, 64GB for $25, 200GB microSDXC for $50, Etc

These daily deals expired, but Sandisk offers are recurring every few days/weeks…

LAST CALL! – these are gonna get buried once the actual Black Friday offers come out, so this is a good opportunity to check them out in the calm before the storm. There is also a parallel Flash Drive and SSD sale… There’s also a lot of Amazon’s own hardware devices on sale as well…

The main star of the Amazon Gold Box in terms of camera-and-photo interest is a big Sandisk Storage sale featuring 33 different listings (with multiple items under some individual listing) as of the time of writing. To keep the posts more manageable, I’ll separate the SD/microSD cards from all the other kinds of storage. Here we hae SD/microSD:

+ 32GB Sandisk Extreme SDHC for $14.80
+ 64GB of the above for $25
+ on the same listing, 128GB for $50, 256GB for $100, 16GB for $10
+ limit 10 per size except for the 32GB card (limit 3)

+ 64GB Sandisk Ultra SDXC for $17.90
+ 128GB Sandisk Ultra SDXC for $35
+ 32GB Sandisk Ultra SDXC for $10
+ limit 3 of each at 32GB and 64GB, limit 10 for 128GB size

+ 64GB Sandisk CLASS 4 SDXC for $16
+ 32GB of the same for $8
+ two 16GB for $11
+ NOTE: these are Class 4

+ 200GB Sandisk Ultra microSDXC for $50
+ 256GB Sandisk Ultra microSDXC for $90
+ 128GB Sandisk Ultra microSDXC for $28.49
+ 64GB Sandisk Ultra microSDXC for $14
+ on the same listing, 32GB for $9.49, 16GB for $10, 400GB for $250
+ limit ranges from 3 to 10 per card depending on storage option

+ offers end on Friday at 3am ET or earlier for any individual cards that sell out before then

UPDATE: Part #2 covers the SSD and USB Flash Drives. It’s kinda long and long-winded and sprawling 🙂 Good thing we have this more condensed blog-template otherwise it would run for five page-downs 🙂