(ENDED) Thursday: iKAN On-C BiC Light $179, 23.8″ Acer for $95, Vello Wireless (C/N)

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+ IKAN iLED312-v2 On-Camera Bi-Color LED Light with Digital Display for $179

+ ACER R241Y bid 23.8″ 16:9 IPS Monitor for $95
+ IPS, HDMI, VGA, DVI inputs, 1080p, 1000:1 Static CR
+ Gallery picture #5 shows all the inputs on the back, it has all three (I’m saying this because some trickster monitors claim all three input options, but actually have two physical inputs and include a DVI/HDMI adapter in the box)

+ VELLO FreeWave Captain Wireless TTL Triggering System Kit with Additional Receiver for $100 to $150 for Canon and Nikon
+ $150 is two receivers, $100 is one receiver

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